Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Daily Chemistry Quiz for RRB NTPC : 22/05/2019

1) Copper sulphate solution is acidic in nature due to

*a) hydrolysis

b) ionisation

c) presence of sulphate ions

d) none of these

2) A white powder, insoluble in water dissolves in ammonium hydroxide, could be

a) barium sulphate

b) aluminium oxide

*c) silver chloride

d) calcium carbonate

3) Epsom salt is

a) ZnSO4 )7H2O

b) FeSO4 )7H2O

*c) MgSO4 )7H2O

d) None of these

4) Biogas mainly contains

a) carbon-di-oxide

b) oxygen

*c) methane

d) nitrogen

5) Acid rain is caused by the pollutants

a) CO and CO2

b) CO2 )and O3

c) N2 andCO2

*d) N2 O andSO2

6) Acetyl salicylic acid is commonly used as

a) tear gas

b) a fertilizer

*c) a pain killer

d) a sedative

7) Which solution will have the highest boiling point?

a) 1% solution of glucose in water

*b) 1% solution of sodium chloride in water

c) 1% solution of zinc sulphate in water

d) 1% solution of urea in water

8) The disaccharide present in milk is

a) sucrose

b) maltose

*c) lactose

d) cellotriose

9) Natural petroleum is a liquid mixture of paraffin hydrocarbons

a) C4 to C12

b) C1 to C20

c) C1 to C40

*d) C5 to CO15

10) Which gas is commonly filled in giant balloons?

a) hydrogen

*b) helium

c) hydrogen sulphide

d) carbon-di-oxide

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