Monday, 28 May 2018

Daily Computer Quiz - 29th May 2018

1. Why we use “Alt + F” keys on keyboard?

a) File menu options

b) Force Fully Close

c) Find (Search)

d) Create File

e) None of these.

2. Why we use the “Alt + Tab” Keys on keyboard?

a) Switch to open old programs

b) Switch to Close programs

c) Switch to open New programs

d) Switch between open programs

e) None of these.

3. The Short Cut “Ctrl + A” is use for?

a) Select all

b) Select all text

c) Select all File

d) Select all Folder

e) None of these.

4. “Ctrl + B” Shortcut use in computer for?

a) selected text Border

b) selected text to be Blow

c) selected text to be Bold

d) All of the above

e) None of These.

5. We use the Keyboard Shortcut “Ctrl + S” for what?

a) Play

b) Stop

c) Save Current File

d) Start File

e) None of these.

6. Why we use “Alt + E” key on keyboard?

a) Edit options

b) Extract Options

c) Escape Options

d) Enter Options

e) None of these.

7. Why we use the “F1” Key on Keyboard?

a) Universal Help Start

b) Universal Program

c) Open new Program

d) Start Window

e) None of these.

8. We use the “Ctrl + C” shortcut key for?

a) Cut selected item

b) Clear selected item

c) Copy selected item

d) Close selected item

e) None of these.

9. “Ctrl + O” use in Computer for which purpose?

a) Open a file

b) Edit a File

c) Extract a File

d) Open Option

e) None of these.

10. Which key to use for Rename a File or Folder?

a) F2

b) F3

c) Ctrl+R

d) Alt+R

e) None of these.


1. a

2. d

3. a

4. c

5. c

6. a

7. a

8. c

9. a

10. a

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