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Daily English Quiz - 24th August 2018

Directions(1-10): The following statements have two blanks which are to be filled with the options given below. Choose the correct combination which can most suitably complete the sentence without altering the meaning of the statement. If none of the combinations makes an impact, choose (e) i.e. “No combination fits” as your answer.

Q1. The Indian political class is overwhelming male, but the worrying thing is that it remains........... blind to its privilege and entitlement. That reflects in policy as well as the .......... small number of women in Indian political life.
(a) amazingly, decreasingly
(b) unhappily, joyfully
(c) distressingly, woefully
(d) hardly, emotionally
(e) No combination fits

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S1. Ans.(c); distressingly: to cause strain, anxiety and suffering to
woefully: in a manner expressing sorrow these two sentences fit correctly into the statement.

Q2. India cannot have a banking sector which is ......... and a set of bankers who are ........ to lend when the upturn comes.
(a) active, willing
(b) strong, cheerful
(c) unsteady, dislike
(d) hobbled, loath
(e) No combination fits

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S2. Ans.(d); hobbled: restrict the development of
loath: unwilling or reluctant

Q3. If the airlines fail to inform their passengers of the ..........., then such passengers will be entitled for a ............ in addition to the ticket refund.
(a) cancellation, compensation
(b) rejection, consumption
(c) cancel, sum
(d) ticket, feedback
(e) No combination fits

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S3. Ans.(a); compensation: something that counterbalances a loss

Q4. Going for a run may seem overwhelming or ........... just to think about before you begin, but if you can ......... up the energy to start jogging, you'll often find that you become more motivated to finish as you go.
(a) disgusting, surpass
(b) exhausting, muster
(c) tiring, gather
(d) lucrative, compile
(e) No combination fits

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S4. Ans.(b); exhausting: making one feel very tired
muster: collect or assemble

Q5. Exercising .......... and getting proper nutrition will help, but these actions only ............ improve sleep intensity.
(a) constantly, slowly
(b) regularly, simply
(c) irregularly, intentionally
(d) consistently, indirectly
(e) No combination fits

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S5. Ans.(d); consistently: in every case and in every occasion, invaraibly

Q6. If you never sit down to think about your values, then you'll be more .......... to make decisions based on ............ information is in front of you at the time.
(a) convincingly, appropriate
(b) surely, relevant
(c) likely, whatever
(d) likely, provided
(e) No combination fits

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S6. Ans.(c); likely: probable the connector 'whatever' its appropriately into the statement.

Q7. My English teacher is such an .......... scholar that he has translated some of the most difficult and ........... Old English poetry.
(a) erudite , abstruse
(b) inexperienced, obscure
(c) intellectual, plain
(d) important, simple
(e) No combination fits

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S7. Ans.(a); erudite: learned abstruse: difficult to understand

Q8. People who give their partner the cold shoulder—.............. ignoring the partner or responding minimally—damage the relationship by making their partner feel ........... and invisible, as if they’re not there, not valued.
(a) unconsciously, hopeless
(b) emotionally, aimless
(c) horridly, carelesss
(d) deliberately, worthless
(e) No combination fits

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S8. Ans.(d); deliberately: intentionally, in a careful way

Q9. A ............ number of patients die of illnesses in this country either because they don't get care in time or can't ........ treatment.
(a) substantial, afford
(b) basic, understand
(c) fundamental, afford
(d) considerable, expense
(e) No combination fits

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S9. Ans.(a); substantial: of considerable importance
afford: have enough money to pay for

Q10. Each government institution is devoted to creating a .......... of progress in ways that........... legitimate institutional goals.
(a) accomplish, hinder
(b) perception, impede
(c) recognition, foster
(d) epitome, administer
(e) No combination fits

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S10. Ans.(b) ; impede: delay or prevent by obstructing them

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