Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Daily Botany Quiz for Police SI : 22/05/2019

1) The plant which is used as medicine for jaundice Is



c)phyllanthus madras patensis


2) Mango is an example for

a) twiner

b) shrub

c) herb

*d) tree

3) The natural system of classification was Postulated by

a)Engler and prandtl

*b)Bentham and Hooker

c)Aristotle and Linnaeus

d)Theophrastus and Aristotle

4) In plants, energy is produced during the Process of

a) transpiration

*b) respiration

c) photosynthesis

d) water absorption

5) The most commonly used higher plant vector For gene transfer is

a) pbr 322

b) camv

c) transposon

*d) ti plasmid

6) Genetic material of virus is/are

a) DNA only

b) RNA only

*c) DNA (or) RNA

d) DNA and RNA

7) Primary organs of photosynthesis are

a) stems

b) roots



8) Mitosis and Meiosis are absent in

a) fungi

*b) bacteria

c) algae

d) bryophytes

9) Cotton fibres are obtained from

a) cotton leaves

*b) cotton fruits

c) cotton bark

d) none of these

10) Bacteria which are spherical in shape are Known as


b) bacillus

c) spirillum

*d) coccus

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