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Daily Reasoning Quiz : 1/05/2019

Directions (1-5): Study the given information carefully to answer the given questions:
Eight persons, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, and Q are sitting around a circular table facing the centre with equal distances between each other (but not necessarily in the same order). Each one of them is also related to N in some way or the other.
K sits third to the left of N. Only one person’s sits between N and Q. N’s sister sits to the immediate right of Q. Only two persons sit between N’s sister and N’s mother. J sits to the immediate right of N’s mother. P sits immediate right of M. N’s brother sits third to the right of P. N’s wife sits second to the left of N’s brother.Only three persons sit between N’s wife and L. N’s son sits second to the right of N’s father. Only two persons sit between N’s father and N’s daughter. 

Q1. Who among the following is the son of N?
(a) M 
(b) P 
(c) K 
(d) O 
(e) Q

Q2. How many persons sit between N and K, when counted from the left of K?
(a) Five 
(b) One 
(c) Four 
(d) None 
(e) Three

Q3. Who sits to the immediate right of Q?
(a) N’s sister 
(b) N 
(c) N’s wife 
(d) K 
(e) J

Q4. Which of the following statements is true with respect to the given information?
(a) All the given options are true 
(b) P sits to the immediate left of J.
(c) N’s mother sits to the immediate left of N.
(d) M is the mother-in-law of Q.
(e) N is an immediate neighbour of his father.

Q5. How is J related to K?
(a) Sister 
(b) Uncle 
(c) Father 
(d) Sister-in-law 
(e) Daughter

Directions (1-5):






Directions (6-10): Study the information and answer the following questions.
In a certain code 
‘always to be right’ is written as ‘4 9 3 2’ 
‘right is also just’ is written as ‘9 7 6 5’ 
‘come to terms is written as ‘1 3 8’, 
terms are just’ is written as ‘0 1 6’ and 
‘always is’ is written as ‘7 4’.

Q6. What does ‘6’ represent in this code?
(a) terms 
(b) also 
(c) are 
(d) is 
(e) just

Q7. Which of the following is the code for ‘right’?
(a) 9 
(b) 7 
(c) 6 
(d) 4 
(e) 5

Q8. Which of the following represents ‘always be right terms’?
(a) 8413 
(b) 2419 
(c) 4389 
(d) 1250 
(e) 9042

Q9. Which of the following can be coded as ‘86315’ ?
(a) to be are just terms 
(b) right to come are terms 
(c) be right also is terms
(d) be right also is terms 
(e) also come to just terms.

Q10. Which of the following is the code for ‘come’?
(a) 0 
(b) 8 
(c) 1 
(d) 3 
(e) 4

Directions (6-10):


S7 Ans.(a)




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