Wednesday, 14 August 2019


1.         The use of fire was invented during the period of
            a. Paleolithic                                        B. Mesolithic
            c. Chalcolithic                                      d. Neolithic
2.         Dolls found in Indus Valley civilization sites are made out of
            a. Terracotta                                         b. Mud
            c. Clay                                                 d. Cotton
3.         Which of the following is correctly matched?
            a. Indus  valley civilization - Adam Smith
            b. Harappa - Alexander Cunningham
            c. Vedic age 1200 B.C - Plato
            d. 31BC - Thiruvalluvar
4.         Match
            a. Ashoka                    - 1. Mahayana
            b. Kaniska                   - 2. Dharma
            c. Kalhana                   -3. Prince of Pilgrims
            d. Hiuen Tsang            -4. Raja Tarangini
            a. 2 1 3 4                                             b. 1 2 3 4
            c. 1 2 4 3                                             d. 2 1 4 3
5.         Buddhism was divided  during the period of
            a. Harsha                                             b. Ashoka
            c. Kanisha                                            d. Bindusoa
6.         The Dilwara Jain temples are found in
            a. Khajuraho                                        b. Gujarat
            c. Mount Abu                                      d. Agra
7.         The tomb at seas am was built by
            a. Humayun                                         b. Shershah
            c. Babar                                               d. Gulbathan Begum
8.         Which battle was the turning point in the history of vijayanagar?
            a. Panipet II                                         b. Talikota
            c. Pali                                                   d. Koppam
9.         Salt tax under the cholas was
            a. Bhaga                                               b. Uppayam
            c. Valiyam                                           d. Hiranya
10.       The first English presidency was established at
            a. Surat                                                 b. Agra Okolkata

            c. Kolkata                                            d. Calicut

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