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Daily English Quiz : 3rd June 2018

Direction (1-10): Which of the following phrases given below each sentence should replace the phrase printed in bold letters to make the sentence grammatically correct? Choose the best option among the five given alternatives that reflect the correct use of phrase in the context of the grammatically correct sentence. If the sentence is correct as it is, mark (e) i.e., “No correction required” as the answer.

Q1. The issue is asked to be assigned to the next government as the Prime Minister will leave office on May 31 after completion of the tenure.
(a) is demanded to be jumped
(b) is hoped to be passed away
(c) is hoping to be thrown
(d) is expected to be referred
(e) No correction required

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S1. Ans.(d) Sol. 'is expected to be referred' as the issue has been mentioned in the statement which means is expected to be referred to the next government as the PM will leave office on May 31. So, the term ‘issue’ will be followed by ‘referred’.

Q2. The health condition of two patients in the city whose throat swab samples were sent to two laboratories on Tuesday to know whether they are matched with Nipah virus is improving.
(a) whether they are healthy
(b) whether they are infected
(c) whether they are positive
(d) whether they are negative
(e) No correction required

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S2. Ans.(b) Sol. 'whether they are infected' as Nipah Virus has been discussed in the statement, it is obvious that the samples were sent to the laboratory to know whether the patients were infected with the same or not.

Q3. The samples were diagnosed after doctors observed symptoms and not ready to take any chances.
(a) were kept for future
(b) were sent for autopsy
(c) were sent for identification
(d) were sent for analysis
(e) No correction required

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S3. Ans.(d) Sol. 'were sent for analysis' as the phrase ‘were diagnosed’ can’t be used here because the further part of the sentence says that it were sent after the doctors observed the symptoms. This means the diagnosis of the disease had already been done. Thus, it should be replaced by ‘were sent for analysis’.

Q4. Meanwhile, the city witnessed both celebrations over the formation of the new coalition government and protests against it.
(a) never realized the contradictions
(b) made evidence for both celebrations
(c) saw the contrary reactions
(d) demanded a justice
(e) No correction required

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S4. Ans.(e) Sol. 'witnessed both celebrations' as the two contrary situations have been stated in the statement, this means the city witnessed the two events which here referred as ‘celebrations’.

Q5. Incorporation of Hindi and English as additional medium of languages would degrade the level of education in madrasas, the government said.
(a) would never improve the level of
(b) would make it complex the system
(c) would help in providing quality
(d) would make a quality check on
(e) No correction required

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S5. Ans.(c) Sol. 'would help in providing quality' as incorporation of Hindi and English language has been discussed here, it is obvious that it is a positive step , thus it should be followed by something positive.

Q6. People who love to eat but hate eating alone have a delicious new option: plates and cutlery made of jackfruit.
(a) but love doing dishes
(b) but never did cooking
(c) but hate doing work out
(d) but hate doing the dishes
(e) No correction required

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S6. Ans.(d) Sol. 'but hate doing the dishes' is the only alternative that would replace the bold part and make it meaningful.

Q7. The investigation is on and we do not know what set off the explosives. We have noted that the weather changed in the area and there was a lightening strike. We also know that the workers did not set it off.
(a) we can't imagine what happened with
(b) we do not know how to light
(c) we are bewildered to know that who
(d) we are confused what set it out
(e) No correction required

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S7. Ans.(e) Sol. No correction required

Q8. Fifteen injured persons, of whom two are said to be critical, were rushed to Hyderabad for treatment. The police received a complaint from the representatives of workers and have undergone so far for CrPC 124.
(a) have started verification
(b) have begun investigation
(c) have commenced enquiry
(d) have lodged inquiry
(e) No correction required

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S8. Ans.(b) Sol. 'have begun investigation' as this is the only option which is meaningful out of five.

Q9. But there are very few studies on the palm since it is very difficult to access the rocky cliffs where they grow. There have been no surveys to imagine its present status either.
(a) to calculate its situation of now
(b) to estimate its ongoing position
(c) to assess its current status
(d)to calculate its present worth
(e) No correction required

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S9. Ans.(c) Sol. 'to assess its current status' as the status is always assessed rather than imagined.

Q10. Across more than 30 books, he produced the best and worst of America, looking things in the eye and telling it like it was, writing about flawed beings, their dreams and nightmares, sexual and other predicaments.
(a) he directed
(b) he incorporated
(c) he designed
(d) he chronicled
(e) No correction required

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S10. Ans.(d) Sol. 'he chronicled' means he wrote. And, from the context of the statement it can be easily inferred that the person wrote the book about everything of America.

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