Sunday, 20 May 2018

Daily Computer Quiz - 21st May 2018

1.Algorithm is used -------
a) To bring itself into desired state by its own action
b) To perform logarithmic operations
c) To describe a set of procedure by given result is obtained
d) As a high level language
e) None of these

2.Represents raw facts, where- a meaningful data.
a) Information, reporting
b) Data, information
c) Information, bits
d) Records, bytes
e) Bits, bytes

3.A set of rules for creating markup languages that enables programming to capture specific types of data bycreating their own elements is called______
a) XML
c) Ada
e) None of these

4. Which broadband service is the most available?
a) C-able
c) Satellite
d) DSL
e) None of these

5. Which type of transmission media is known as regular telephone wire?
a) Wi-Fi
b) Twisted-pair wire
c) Fiber optic cable
d) Coaxial cable
e) None of these

6. All of the following are examples of storage devices EXCEPT _______
a) hard disk drives
b) printers
c) floppy disk drives
d) CD drives
e) Pen drives

7. Perforated paper used as input or output media is known as_____
a) Paper tape
b) Magnetic tape
c) Punched paper tape
d) Card punch
e) None of these

8. Programs developed by an outside supplier and provided to the user in a machine readable form is known as…….
a) Canned programs
b) Beta program
c) Alpha program
d) All of the above
e) None of these

9. The server on the internet is also known as ___________.
a) Repeater
b) Host
c) Gateway
d) AND Gate
e) None of these

10. The commonly used UNIX commands like date, ls, cat etc. are stored in_________
a) dev directory
b) bin directory
c) tmp directory
d) unix directory
e) None of these

1. c
2. b
3. a
4. c
5. b
6. b
7. a
8. a
9. b
10. b

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