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Daily Numerical Ability Quiz - 7th June 2018

Direction (1-5): The following table shows the profit percentage earned by five different stores on Haldiram’s different products. Study the table carefully to answer the following questions.
Note: In table, some data are missing. Find these data if they are required in any question and then proceed.

Q1. If cost price of Soan papdi at Hira sweets is 25% more than cost price of Soan papdi at Nathu sweets. Find profit earned by Nathu sweets on Soan Papdi if selling price of soan Papdi at Nathu sweets is 80% of that of Hira sweets
(a) 35%
(b) 40%
(c) 45%
(d) 30%
(e) 24%

Q2. If average of profit percentage earned on Kaju Laddu by all the five stores is 23%. Find the percentage profit earned by Nathu sweets on kaju Laddu.
(a) 16%
(b) 36%
(c) 26%
(d) 28%
(e) 32%

Q3. If ratio of cost price of Kaju Butter by The Royal sweet to Laxmi sweets is 3:5. Find the ratio of selling price of kaju Butter by The Royal sweet to Laxmi sweets.
(a) 25 : 49
(b) 9 : 11
(c) 77 : 125
(d) 72 : 125
(e) 125 : 77

Q5. If cost price of one kg of orange Burfee by Nathu sweets, Jagat Ram sweets and Laxmi sweets was Rs. 450, 480 and 360 respectively the find total profit earned by these three stores together on Orange Burfee (in Rs.)
(a) Rs. 603
(b) Rs. 206
(c) Rs. 306
(d) Rs. 406
(e) Rs. 340

Solutions (1-5):

Direction (6-10): The following bar graph shows the no. of persons who got affected by ‘Nipah virus’ in five different states of India. Also, the table shows ratio of male to female in them.
Study the graphs carefully to answer the related questions.

Q6. Total no. of male persons affected by Nipah virus in Tamilnadu are what percent more or less than that of male persons from Kerala who were affected by Nipah virus?
(a) 25% less
(b) 25% more
(c) 30% less
(d) 30% more
(e) 20% more

Q7. Find the average No. of females who were affected by Nipah virus in all the five states.
(a) 14, 200
(b) 12,600
(c) 16,200
(d) 10,400
(e) 12,200

Q8. If 50/3% out of total affected Males in Karnataka are of age group (21-25) years, 100/3% out of total affected males are of age group (26-30) years and rest are of age group above 30 years from the same state, then find total no. of males from Karnataka who are affected by ‘Nipah virus’ having age of (21-25) years and (26-30) years together.
(a) 16,000
(b) 14,000
(c) 12,000
(d) 18,000
(e) 10,000

Q9. What is the difference between total no. of males in Tamilnadu, Manipur and Goa together and total no. of females in Kerala, Manipur and Karnataka together who are affected by Nipah virus.
(a) 15,000
(b) 13,000
(c) 14,000
(d) 12,000
(e) 18,000

Q10. Total no. of females in Tamilnadu who are affected by ‘Nipah virus’ is what percent more than that of females from Karnataka who are affected by the same virus?
(a) 20%
(b) 30%
(c) 15%
(d) 25%
(e) 22%

Solutions (6-10):

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