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Daily English Quiz - 23rd August 2018

Directions (1-10): In each of the questions given below an incomplete sentence which must be filled/completed with one of the sentences given below .i.e. one of the sentences can be fit into the given blanks. Choose the correct option and complete the given sentences.

Q1. The rally in which thousands of local people participated under the banner of ‘Anti Sterlite Movement’, ................. with sections of protesters allegedly setting fire to vehicles, including those belonging to the police.
(a) created a havoc
(b) turned out to be a panacea
(c) turned violent in the morning
(d) proved to be a catastrophe
(e) has accelerated the speed of taking decision

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S1. Ans.(c) Sol. ‘turned violent in the morning’ as the protest has been talked about in the context of the statement along with the outcomes of it, thus, it is obvious that it had turned violent.

Q2. Since prohibitory orders ................. they were denied permission by police personnel to proceed further.
(a) were not persuading
(b) were out of the box
(c) were not that much strong
(d) were never enforced
(e) were in force

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S2. Ans.(e) Sol. ‘were in force’ as the prohibitory orders were in force.

Q3. The result of the Assembly elections in Karnataka has shown that only a coalition of secular and regional parties ............... the threat posed by the rise of communalism.
(a) could effectively challenge
(b) could pose
(c) could aggravate
(d) could organise
(e) could consider

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S3. Ans.(a) Sol. ‘could effectively challenge’ is the only alternative that suits the context of the statement.

Q4. He was picked up from an apartment where ................ for the past many weeks.
(a) he was died
(b) he was under the bars
(c) he was meeting
(d) he was found
(e) he was stationed

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S4. Ans.(e) Sol. ‘he was stationed’ means he was staying there (for past weeks).

Q5. Worsening air quality in the last two decades .................. for high numbers of premature deaths, says a new study conducted in 11 north Indian cities.
(a) has proved to be the impetus
(b) has emerged as one of the major reasons
(c) was ignored
(d) has been taken into account
(e) has been noticed by many communities

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S5. Ans.(b) Sol. ‘has emerged as one of the major reasons’ as the worsening air quality has led to many deaths, that means it’s a major reason for such a deadly outcome.

Q6. The outbreak of the deadly Nipah virus around Kozhikode, Kerala, is a test of India’s capacity .................
(a) to cure the victims
(b) to prevent people from such disease
(c) to respond to public health emergencies
(d) to react to the outbreak of the disease
(e) to look at the widespread of the deadly illness

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S6. Ans.(c) Sol. ‘to respond to public health emergencies’ as the capacity of India has been tested here regarding to the response to public health programmes.

Q7. Preliminary reports suggest that the Kozhikode outbreak ................. a stuttering chain of transmission.
(a) is also calling
(b) is also challenging
(c) is also maintaining
(d) is also displaying
(e) is also attracting

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S7. Ans.(d) Sol. ‘is also displaying’ as the outbreak in the Kozhikode is showing off a series of transmission of the disease.

Q8. The Venezuelan health system ............... A Minister who expressed concern over the high incidence of certain diseases that were believed to have been eradicated was sacked promptly last year.
(a) has been contaminated
(b) has gone to dogs
(c) has nothing but fruitless
(d) has all but disappearing
(e) has all but collapsed

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S8. Ans.(e) Sol. ‘has all but collapsed’ as the latter part of the sentence talks about the concern over the disease’s outbreak which was believed to have been eradicated and was sacked again last year, this means the health system which was dealing with it has all but collapsed.

Q9. In Russia’s evolving foreign policy imagination, the pursuit of power and influence ................ the country’s traditions of normative behaviour and principled positions.
(a) seems to eclipse
(b) seems to emerge
(c) seems to set
(d) seems to degrade
(e) seems to rise

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S9. Ans.(a) Sol. ‘seems to eclipse’ as in the foreign policy imagination of the country mentioned, the pursuit of power and influence seems to be declining its traditions of normative behavior.

Q10. Doctors ............... in the very second patient, a diagnostic speed unrivalled in developing countries.
(a) estimated the virus
(b) cured the virus
(c) identified the virus
(d) caught the virus
(e) visualize the virus

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S10. Ans.(c) Sol. ‘identified the virus’ as the doctors identified the disease in every second patient. Here, ‘identification’ means diagnosis.

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