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Daily Numerical Ability Quiz : 10th September 2018

Directions (1-5): In the following questions two equations numbered (I) and (II) . You have to solve both equations and give answer
(a) if x > y
(b) if x ≥ y
(c) if x < y
(d) if x ≤ y
(e) If x = y or the relationship cannot be established

Solutions (1-5):

Q6. If Rs 1000 is to be invested at interest rate of 5% and after 10 years, total interest is added to the principal, then the total number of years from beginning in which it will amount to Rs 2000 is

Q7.  The respective ratio among the present age of Ram, Rohan and Raj is 3 : 4 : 5. If the average of their present age is 28 years then what would be the sum of the age of Ram and Rohan together after 5 years?
(a) 45 years
(b) 55 years
(c) 52 years
(d) 59 years
(e) 61 years

Q8.  A man covers 1/3rd of his journey by cycle at 50 km/ h, the next 1/3 by car at 30 km/h, and the rest by walking at 7 km/h. Find the average speed during the whole journey.
(a) 14.2 kmph
(b) 15.29 kmph
(c) 18.2 kmph
(d) 12.8 kmph
(e) 19.29 kmph

Q9. In how many ways the letters of the word ‘JHAKKASS’ can be arranged such that vowels come together?
(a) 1260
(b) 720
(c) 630
(d) 820
(e) 5040

Q10.  A 20 litres mixture contains milk and water in the respective ratio of 3 : 2. Then 10 litres of the mixture is removed and replaced with pure milk and the operation is repeated once more. At the end of the two removals and replacements, what is the ratio of milk and water in the resultant mixture respectively? 
(a) 17 : 3
(b) 9 : 1
(c) 4 : 17 
(d) 5 : 3
(e) 3 : 14

Solutions (6-10):

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