Friday, 17 May 2019

Daily Physics Quiz for VAO Exam : 18/05/2019

1) The electric firring are earthed so that

a) electricity may not leak

b) there may be a smooth flow of electricity

*c)current may pass to the earth in case of a short circuit, without causing any harm

d) to prevent short circuit

2) When common salt is mixed with ice, the melting point?

*a) is lowered

b) is raised

c) remains the same

d) is first lowered and then raised

3) The weight of iron is more after rusting because

a) it has expanded into a greater volume

b) rust contains twice as many iron atoms

c) of the additional oxygen it contains

*d) iron undergoes reduction

4) A galvanometer can be converted into ammeter by connecting

*a) low resistance in parallel

b) low resistance in series

c) high resistance in parallel

d) high resistance in series

5) if c is the velocity of light and r is the frequency of the photon , the momentum associated with the photon is

a) hγc

*b) hγ/c

c) γ/c

d) ηx/y

6) The propagation of light through optical fibres is based on


b) refraction

*c) total internal reflection

d) reflection

7) A disadvantage of the laser printed is

a) it is quieter than an impact printer

b) the ouput is of a lower quality

c) it is very slow

*d) none of these

8) Nuclei with equal number of neutrons are

a) isotopes

b) isobars

c) isomers

*d) isotones

9) The bifocal lens was invented by

a) Galileo

*b) Benjamin franklin

c) snell

d) alessandro volta

10) When oil is poured on the surface of water its surface tension

a) increase

*b) decreases

c) remains constant

d) increases first and then decreases

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