Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Daily Physics Quiz(English) for Police Exam : 22/05/2019

1) A raw egg and a boiled egg of the same appearance, same size and same mass can be distinguished, without breaking, by using

*a)inertia of motion

b) inertia of rest

c) conservation of linear momentum

d) conservation of angular momentum

2) Nib of a pen is split keeping in view the phenomenon of


b) diffusion

*c) capillarity

d) cohesion

3) Speeds of bodies exceeding the speed of sound are called


b) ultrasonic

c) infrasonic

d) superfast

4) Refractive index is highest for


b) water

c) rock-salt

*d) diamond

5) The splitting of a beam of white light into its different colours is known as


b) reflection

*c) dispersion

d) none of these

6) In winter, the temperature of the inside wall of a house as compared to the temperature of the air in the room is


b) higher

c) the same

d) depends on the atmospheric pressure

7) At what temperature are the readings of a centigrade and Fahrenheit thermometers the same?


b) 400

*c) 1000

d) 2120

8) Which of the following electronic devices is used for digital displays electronic calculators?

a)photo diodes

b) zener diodes

c) LEDs

*d) none of these

9) Which one of the following substances is non-magnetic?


b) wood

c) silver

*d) all these

10) Sound travels fastest through


*b) steel

c) water

d) air

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