Saturday, 8 February 2020

February 2: current affairs

1.FM emphasis on building "caring society" in budget.                                                    

 On the 2020-2021 budget,FM emphasised on building a caring society by including a slew of measures for social welfare,climate change and improvement of culture and tourism.She allocated Rs.4400 crores to encourage states to implement plans for cleaner air.
(Government allocated Rs.35,600 crores for nutrition-related scheme.)

2.Budget 2020:Rs.99,300 crores blueprint to take education to next level.

        Presenting the budget for 2020-21,FM said Rs.99,300 crores has been allocated for the education sector and Rs.3000 crores for skill development for the next fiscal.Steps will be taken to attract external commercial borrowing and FDI in the education sector.

3.Budget 2020:Sixteen action points for agriculture, irrigation and rural development.

      A total of Rs.2.83 lakh crore has been allocated in the union budget 2020 for the sixteen action points for agriculture,irrigation and rural development.Rs.1.23 lakh crore has been allocated for the rural development and panchayati raj projects.
(Board measures for 100 water stressed districts proposed)

4.Union Government plans to raise funds through LIC IPO.

   FM Nirmala sitharaman said that the government plans to sell a partial stack in LIC through IPO.The union budget proposed that the government will sell  its stack in IDBI Bank to private investors and also amend the banking  regulation act to strengthen co-op banks.
(LIC owns 51% stacks in IDBI Bank,while Government holds 46%.)

5.Government appoints M.Ajit kumar as chairman of CBIC.

         Appointments committee has approved the appointment of M.Ajit kumar as chairman Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs.It is the national nodal agency responsible for administering customs,GST, Central excise, service tax and Narcotics in india.
(CBIC was founded on January 1,1964.)

6.2 February: World wetlands day.

      World wetlands day occurs annually on february 2 since 1997,marking the date of adoption of the convention on wetlands on February 2,1971 when a small group of environmentalists signed an international agreement at the Ramsar convention in iran.

7.Arvind krishna appointed of CEO of IBM.

      Arvind krishna has been appointed as the new chief executive officer(CEO) of IBM,succedi suc Ginny Rometty.He will take over on April 6,2020.He is currently IBM senior vice President for cloud and cognitive software.Ginny Rometty will retire after almost 40 year with the company at the end of the year.

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